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To exceed expectations of customer and have long-term working relations.
To provide a cost effective logistics and rental of heavy equipment service.


To be the best service provider in the Oil & Gas industries of Myanmar.

Core Value

Safety First, Customer Satisfaction, Reliability, Punctuality and Responsibility.

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

Certificate of Membership of Union of Myanmar International Freight Forwarder
Certificate of Membership of Union of Myanmar MFCCI

Certificate of Membership of Union of Myanmar Travel Association

Shwesandar Company Limited HSE Policy

Environmental, Health and Safety Policy Statement
Shwe Sandar is committed to ensure a safe and healthy work for all Company employees and those who work with the Company by continually reducing accidents and injuries with a goal of Zero Incidents.We shall achieve our Environmental, Health and Safety Policy through these objectives:
1.Provide and Maintain a workplace that is free from recognized safety, health and environmental hazards to protect personnel from injuries/illnesses and property from accidental damage.
2.Reduce risk at source through risk assessment and implementing risk management.
3.Integration of EHS considerations into business decisions, plans and operations.
4.Ensure that each employee is adequately trained and familiarized with the relevant statutory requirements, codes of safe work practice and the company’s environmental, health and safety procedures in order to carry out his work safety.
5.Each employee is expected to comply with the safety, health and environment procedure.
6.Provision of appropriate resources to implement this policy.
7.To instill and promote environmental, health and safety consciousness in every worker in the company. Taking steps to ensure that environmental, health and safety messages and policy are disseminated to all employees, sub-contractors as well as all visitors, vendors who are at the work place.
8.Remain committed to a continuous improvement process that enables all employees to perform to their full potential concerning safety, health and environmental matters.
9.Conduct periodic internal audits and reviews of EHS systems and performance.
10.Visible management commitment to EHS, ensuring safety and health of our employees,the community and protection to the environment.